Seven Fathoms Rum

Cayman Islands Premium Rum

Seven Fathoms Rum is hand crafted and distilled 100% locally in Grand Cayman by Cayman Spirits Co. from sugar cane.  Seven Fathoms is matured under water at a depth of seven fathoms (42 ft.).

Seven Fathoms is an artisan premium rum, hand crafted in small batches at the Seven Fathom's George Town Harbor distillery.   Located in Grand Cayman, the Seven Fathoms Distillery is the first of its kind in the Cayman Islands.

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Governors Reserve Rum

Cayman Islands Rum

Inspired by the variety of flavours in native Cayman cuisine, Governors Reserve offers a family of rums to suit any taste and occasion. They are distilled 100% locally in Grand Cayman by Cayman Spirits Co

Pink Robin

Aronia Gin

A modern, very fragrant and aromatic GIN, produced from the distillation of 12 botanicals in Croatia by Imagine Spirits, a boutique and eco-friendly distillery. Once distilled, the GIN is left for a month in an infusion of Aronia berries, which in addition to a very special aroma (a mixture of red raspberries, citrus and tannins) give the special reddish/ pinkish colour.