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Dill Pickle Vodka

Last Mountain Distillery's most popular product! This is their corn-based Vodka naturally infused with fresh cucumber, dill, and garlic from Saskatchewan.  Best enjoyed in a Caesar.

102 Import Corporation is now facilitating orders for the following products to Ontario residents from Last Mountain Distillery:


Red Wine Barrel Aged Whisky

A 100% wheat whisky that has been aged in a once used bourbon barrel for a minimum of 3 years and then transferred to a used wine barrel from California where it is aged for 7 months. Each barrel is un-blended and non-chill filtered resulting in a whisky with amazing color and even better fruity notes. This whisky is very unique and can definitely be enjoyed on its own. This product won the "Best Wheat Whisky" award at the 2021 Canadian Whisky Awards. 


Sweet Tea Vodka

Last Mountain Distillery's updated spin on a classic, sweet tea-flavoured vodka - ideal for the perfect summer cocktail.  Made with their corn-based vodka and blend of real tea, brewed freshly for each batch and slightly sweetened. Smooth, sweet and delicious, enjoy in an Arnold Palmer, long island iced tea or ginger ale!

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